Matthew 5 – 2013.03.17 Foundation Bible Church in Janesville WI

The reason the Universe exists, why there are stars in the sky, why babies are born, and why you are here to read this today – is love.

Love is the reason why there is anything at all. Love is our purpose for being.

However, love is extraordinarily difficult. We ask why we can’t all get along, why can’t we have peace between nations, why is the world so full of hate; but meanwhile, we find it hard to love even our own friends and family as we should!

It seems like the ideal of love and the reality of love that we experience is often not the same. Love seems frail, broken, and not all it’s supposed to be; that’s because each one of us are ourselves frail, broken, and not the people we wish we were.

What Jesus has to teach about love is radical, counter-intuitive, and will challenge us to the deepest levels of our being.

How does Jesus want me to live (and love)?